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It’s good if your business is thriving and there are no trucks from your fleet waiting for a job. Therefore, it’s high time you shifted into higher gear! Transport sector shows growth worldwide. So what? If you do not grow faster than the market, your competitors HAVE ALREADY GOT NEW IDEAS INTO SHAPE.

On the other hand, if your financial situation, bank claims or other circumstances do not allow purchasing a new truck, maybe it’s time you considered renting a truck. Why not?Truck renting business is very popular all over the world. Thoughtful and strong trucking companies are permanently engaged in this. So, why is it RIGHT FOR YOU TO RENT a vehicle, not buy? Want to know?See below.

  1. If you are renting vehicles, your vehicle fleet has more vehicles. More vehicles on the road loaded with cargoes = more cash in your pocket. Simple, isn’t it?
  2. If you operate rented vehicles, you are able to plan and organize your current assets more easily, because you will always know how much you earn and how much you spend when renting.
  3. Even if you have money to make initial payment and you can afford to buy a new truck, prior to making decision, just think about what goals you are setting for your business. If you want to grow and earn more, maybe your decision to invest money intended for the initial payment into several rented vehicles is proper. Once again: MORE VEHICLES ON THE ROAD – MORE CASH IN YOUR POCKET. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
  4. WE HAVE A SOUND PIECE OF ADVICE to small companies with fewer than 10 trucks still having high hopes for future growth. Just rent vehicles and carry more cargoes.If the number of your fleet’s vehicles hardly reaches 10 trucks, you do not provide your transport manager with full workload, and what’s more, you also lose your competitivenessbecause of higher administrative costs. It doesn’t matter how many vehicles you have,10 trucksor 20,your administrative costs and your vehicle administrative costs remain the same, but then with more vehicles YOU EARN MORE!


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