What Options are for Carriersin the Current Economic Situation

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At present many trucking companies are living in the unknown–increasing competition, difficulties with payments and decreasing transportation rates. Therefore, currently made decisions are extremely important. Deeper analysis and additional calculations are needed.

Naturally, vehicles become worn, you need to replace them.What’s more, if you want to carry cargo, you must have trucks complying with requirements of the European standards. What shall you do if you are reluctant to buy a new vehicle, or maybe you have money, which is not enough? What another variant shall you choose? See below about what is more useful–to buy a used truck or rent it–in the current economic situation


1. Difficulties carriers frequently encounter involve shortage of current assets. If you rent a car for yourself, you know your own expenses and can regulate money flows more easily.

2. KLOVIMA UAB companyrents almost new vehicles, so,such vehicles can save you operational costs. Risk of breakdowns decreases as well. Using these trucks, you will be able to transport cargo by road anywhere.

3. To rent a vehicle is less risky in terms of vehicle usage, especially in an unstable economic situation. After you have acquired a vehicle, you must be sure that it will not remain unused. What’s more,in the case when some hardship comes upon you, debts to leasing companies become even heavier burden. If your vehicles are rented ones, you are free to minimize their number, this way minimizing your costs, and continue carrying cargoes.

4. If your company has set a goal to grow, it would be much more convenient to rent the vehicles. For instance, you can buy an old vehicle for 20000 euros or to pay an initial contribution to the bank. Another 10 000 euros will go for vehicle starting costs. The company with 30 000 euros in the pocket is able to rent three trucks and use this money to cover vehicle starting costs. It’s good to review maths–with three trucks instead of one, your earnings are tripled. Besides, those rented vehicles will be almost new!

5. With new vehicles in your fleet, you will be able to carry cargoes across Europe safely. In the case when you experience shortage of cargoes, don’t hesitate and contact our partners www.darbasvilkikams.lt