5 reasons to become a partner

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Guaranteed orders throughout the year. We guarantee the contracted amount of kilometres per month for our partners with. For more about the conditions and possibilities please refer to the Partnership programs.

We pay for all mileage. Regardless of whether you are travelling with or without cargo – we pay the same price for your every kilometre.

Easy planning of your income. By becoming a partner you will always know how many kilometres you'll get and when the payment will be made, so you can forecast how much money will be in your account.

Lesser costs. Your driver's work will be monitored by Kamida Transport logistics managers, having full knowledge about the routes and offering advise for cheaper fuel, payment of tolls to avoid congestion, finding a reliable service centre, and so on.

Timely settlements. We pay no later than in 30 days. We give fuel cards to our long-term and trusted partners. Quick payment in 2 working days is possible. Additional conditions apply. More detailed information is available by telephone +370 640 25200.