Job for Carriers

We are looking for carriers to transport cargoes across Western Europe.  You will be safe working with us, as we are areliable company, known for timely paid salaries. Moreover, all our clients are insured. Considering working with the KAMIDA LOGISTICS? Want to know whether we are the BEST OPTION for you?


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Working with Us Can Save You Money

If you are a small trucking company and have fewer than 10 trucks, you know how expensive it is to employ a person for manager position. You know for sure that a professional manager handles 18-20 vehicles.  If your fleetconsists of fewer trucks, your primary cost is higher, because you must pay not just a salary and taxes, but also to install and maintain the working place.

Professional Help Is Always for You

KAMIDA LOGISTICS implements the state-of-the-art transport control systems. We operate a large fleet of vehicles and are constantly involved in non-standard situations; this causes the fact that over three years of operation we gain more experience than a small company over a decade. In the case of accident on the road or any other type disaster, more than 150 vehicles from our company are always ready to provide help, because such a number of our vehicles are moving on the road constantly, which means that we are able to organize prompt help.

You Become More Competitive

KAMIDA LOGISTICS provides its partners with discount fuel cards that are valid just for large transport enterprises. In addition, you can be provided with services at auto repair shops of our partners, and also take advantage of special insurance offers and offers from other type service providers. More information when we meet you.

You will Work Even over Holiday Breaks

It doesn’t matter–a Christmas, a New Year or Easter; winter, summer, autumn or spring–we are always on the road carrying cargoes365 DAYS A YEAR WITHOUT A BREAK. This is the way to be alwaysprovided with orders. Have you ever done some calculations on a new client attraction costs?The point is that if you work with us, we will do. You provide us with a truck and a driver, and then we look afterthe rest.

Salaries Paid on a Timely Basis

We always pay salaries on time for each kilometre you move on your truck–it doesn’t matter whether you have driven a loaded vehicle or unloaded one. Mostly we make payments within 30 days after a report on kilometres covered has been submitted, although, under a separate agreement, it would be possible to make payments within three working days as well (some additional conditions must be met).

It’s High Time You Shifted into High!

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